Embark on a story-like journey


粋 -iki-
Time passes differently in places of lodging, even more so at Yunohama, a landscape enveloped in the gentleness of the sea. Enjoy your own special story at Isagoya, where you’ll find leisure and joy at our seaside inn

A chopstick can bring happiness to your mouth.

遊 -yuu-
Raging waves and majestic mountains can add something special to food. A vibrant flavor can come from a dynamic nature. This flavor can heal your mind and your body.
This is why such food is used in Japanese traditional medicine. Hisagoya prepares the foods of the four seasons for you. When you request it, we prepare it with Syonai foods.
Hakusui dishes
These are called "pure water" dishes. Our Hakusui dishes only use the highest quality foods. We are also thinking about the food that is good for your health. For our elder guests, we would like to serve high quality dishes with lighter portions. The dishes of Isagoya provide you with the best choice for high quality foods.
Rosanjin's Seasonal Dishes
Everyone can appreciate the artwork of Rosanjin, a renowned Japanese pottery and epicure. Rosanjin's art is made even more beautiful when served with food. With such a unique presentation these dishes provide a special dining experience.
Our Kitchen Takes your requests
Do you think you are always able to choose the foods that you like to eat? You can request main dishes like "fresh fish" "seasonal vegetables" and "many kind of fruits and sweets". Or you can request "healthy foods" "original Syonai foods" and "foods with special Japanese dishes". Isagoya's kitchen would like to have your request to cook only for you. Please feel free to make your request.
Sangen pork and Kinka pork from Hirata Farm, served in Syabusyabu dishes
You can eat two kinds of rich tasting of pork at the same time.
Sangen pork is a tasty sweet pork while Kinka pork is a succulent marble rich meat. You can try these two delicious meats in our Syabusyabu dishes.

Famous Pictures

蔵 -kura-
The sunset can be a breathtaking sight. You can watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan while relaxing in our spa. This marvelous view would be the perfect setting for a romantic evening. Please enjoy the moment with this stunning view over an endless horizon.

Relaxation room

Relaxation room

Face Treatment Course
Oil and Pack Treatment 40 minutes : 6480yen
Whiting and lift Treatment 60 minutes : 9720yen
Body Treatment Course
Hot Stone (for upper body) 30 minutes (upper body): 6480yen
Thalasso-therapy (for upper body) 40 minutes (upper body): 6480yen
Special Course
Body Special Course 90 minutes : 15300yen
Total Treatment Course 120 minutes : 19440yen
Short Relaxation
Head Relaxation (Head, Neck, Shoulder) 30 minutes : 4860yen
Foot Relaxation 20 minutes : 3240yen
Please ask us another special course and course for men

Relaxation room



Hotel's information

  • 41 guestrooms (Capacity :182 guests)
  • Tearoom
  • Shop
  • Banquet hall (Capacity :120 guests)
  • Restaurant (100 chairs)
  • Men's grand bath (equipped with an open-air bath)
  • Conference room (for 30 people)
  • Women's grand bath (equipped with an open-air bath)
  • Internet space
  • "Yuraku Doori", with four private baths
  • Parking lot
  • Dining room

How to access

By JR (Shinkansen, local train)
  • Tokyo station (Yamagata Shinkansen, 2 hours 30 minutes) Yamagata station (Bus, 40 minutes) Zao Hotspring resort
  • Sendai station (Senzan line, 1 hour) Yamagata station (Bus, 40 minutes) Zao Hotspring resort
By car
  • Tokyo/Urawa I.C. (Tohoku EXPWY, about 3 hrs 30 min.) Murata JCT (Yamagata EXPWY about 30 min.) Yamagata Zao I.C. (West Zao Toll Road) Zao Hotspring resort
  • Tokyo/Urawa I.C. (Tohoku EXPWY, about 3 hrs 30 min.) Shiroishi Zao I.C. (Zao Echo line, 2 hrs) Zao Hotspring resort